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Replace shower water control unit

I want to replace a MOEN water control valve (round knob - push in/pull out for flow and turn right or left for temperature) with a single lever (similar functions) unit (American Standard $68 on line)


It was years ago that I tried t replace a similar unit and had a problem.  After removing the main body, the new unit would not connect to the stub in the wall.  I ended up with a plumber since (according to him) everything back to the main line had to be replaced.  (The fixtures were not compatible.)


Are the newer units simply a remove/replace operation of the main body?  Or?


I hope that I've described the problem that I had properly.

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Posted 2011-01-23T17:11:27+0000  by philko philko

Welcome to the community philko. The units will be similar in the fact that  they'll share inlets for hot and cold and an outlet for the shower and possibly a tub spout. Where you will typically run into problems well be accessing the old valve and the fit of the new valve. If the shower is tiled in your options for removal of the old valve boil down to either removing tile or getting at the valve from its rear wall if possible. As far as fit goes you can almost always expect to have to adjust the water supply piping one way or another. See below.


tilecutting04.jpg pipe_adjust.jpg  


If there is nothing particularly wrong with the in wall valve and you're just looking to update the look a far easier route would be to update the "show" pieces. You'd be amazed at how much a new shower head and  valve trim kit can revive a shower. We carry a few of these kits in store and even more online. 


These are a great time saver and can provide a lot of options in both style and finish. Another benefit is that you are not locked to a single choice of shower head. If the valve is in need of repair it is a job you can tackle over a weekend just be prepared it's always the smaller jobs that can cause the biggest headaches :robotwink:

Get back to use if you need help tracking down the correct trim or replacing the valve entirely and we will be happy to help.



Posted 2011-01-24T14:33:15+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Thanks Chris,


The current unit works fine.  All I want to do is replace he unit shown in the upper right (round knob) with one of the lever styles to match my kitchen and bathroom sink units.  And the lever unts are easier to adjust.



Posted 2011-01-24T15:50:57+0000  by philko

No problem at all. The plumbing department of your local store will have the kit. I will warn you though there are I believe 4 different Moen kits in store all with slight variations between each other so if possible snap a couple of pictures of your unit on a camera or cell phone (you would not believe how much this can help) to show the associate. If you plan to purchase the trim kit online a trip to the store may still be helpful to make sure the kit you chose will work with your setup, and you can order online right on the spot. The advise I give most of my customers is don't be afraid to mix and match. The trim is kind of set, but the handles you chose are wide open. A number of them are universal so finding a style to complement your setup should be a breeze.



Posted 2011-01-24T16:14:51+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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