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Replace sliding door in a closet with swinging doors

I have a closet which had sliding doors. The Jamb to Jamb width is 47” and the height is 80”. I  have already removed the door slabs and I want to install two swinging doors.

I tried as an experiment to reuse the doors by attaching hinges on the doors and the jamb (without mortise), but unfortunately  the doors are not straight ( I also have to cut the doors).

My questions are:

-Is it easier  to rip the jambs and the header and buy and install a custom cut door assembly (a two unit pre-hung door)?

-If so what measurements should I take for buying the pre-hung door unit?

         -Is it cheaper to buy a standard pre-hung 2 door unit (24” x 80”) and ask Homedepot to cut the door for me to size?


-Comparison of MDF vs solid wood door?


Thanks for any help

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Posted 2011-03-23T20:43:43+0000  by akn akn

Hello akn,


Welcome to the community.


In my opinion it is a lot easier to install a pre-hung unit instead of just a slab. Most door openings are not plum/square so if you’re not familiar with door hanging then you might run into some difficulty trimming the slab to fit. Especially a double door unit.


In order to get the correct measurements you are going to take off the door casing and measure from one 2 x 4 to the other 2 x 4 and then from the top header to the floor. This will give you your rough opening measurements. A typical pre-hung 48” double door unit will measure 49” x 81 1/2”. That’s the outside dimension of the frame (jamb).


It‘s normally less expensive to use an in-stock door instead of a special order door.  But if you don’t need a stock size then you will have to either modify your opening or special order it. Home depot does not cut doors to size.


As far as comparing MDF to solid wood doors I found a great link that will let you read up on all of your options for door materials and everything else that you will need to take into consideration with your new door. Once you decide on all of the options that you want it lets you print out a door and Window Project Advisor Worksheet. It has a lot of really good information on it.  


I hope this has helped you out with your door dilemma. Please let me know if you have any other questions I would be glad to help.

Posted 2011-03-23T22:02:06+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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