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Replace steel door door stoop question

We bought this steel interior door  and will be replacing it Friday and before I begin I am wondering what needs to be done to the old door stoop if anything.

The new steel door comes with a aluminum stoop, not strong enough to be only that as a stoop.

Now these older homes have a 2x6 or 2x8 wood stoop and it seems putting this door in with the aluminum stoop on top of the old original stoop may make it higher then should be.

So anyone who has installed this type door before let me know your ideas/thoughts on the old stoop.

I have not looked at the instructions yet but want to ask here before install day in case it is suggested to remove the old 2x6 2x8 stoop with a 1x6 1x8 wolmanized board or if this aluminum door stoop just installs on top of the old.



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Posted 2011-03-30T00:15:17+0000  by ron351 ron351

Hey Ron,


Welcome to our community! You purchased a great door and I am happy to hear that you are taking on the challenge of installing it. The door that is in your link is actually an exterior door. Where on your house are you installing the door?


The most basic way to describe installing a new door is: Take out the old door and jamb so you have a hole in your house and the studs and header are exposed. Then you shim in the new door and trim around it.


Does your old door have an aluminum sill on it?


In order to pop in the new door you have to have the right size rough opening, which is the stud to stud measurement. From your header to the bottom framing, which is probably a 2x6 or 2x8 like you said, should measure around 82 ½”. This would allow the door as a whole unit to fit right into place, including the attached aluminum sill. The sill will sit on top of the existing bottom framing (AKA subsill).



Let me know if this is what you are looking for. Here is a link to the steps for installing an exterior door CLICK HERE. If you could post a picture of what you are talking that would help a lot.-Gregg

Posted 2011-03-30T14:24:16+0000  by gotogregg

Yes Greg, the old door has an existing sill of wood. The last 2 doors I put the aluminum over the top of the old wood sill but that actually raises it up a bit high, this is whay I was wondering if the old sill 2x6 was removed and replace with a 1x6 to not have the high point where the door sweep makes contact with.

I assume it is preference though, by leaving the old sill, the door is higher and makes room for a carpet to be on the floor, where removing the sill and installing a less thick one will lower the door leaving less room if any at all for a rug.


The door will be inside with a aluminum outer storm door on the outside.

Posted 2011-03-30T19:30:09+0000  by ron351

Hey Ron,


Since your existing door has a wood sill instead of an aluminum one you should probably remove it.  The new door needs the proper opening size and needs to sit on a solid flat surface. The door sweep on the new door will close onto the aluminum sill attached to the door unit. Just to be clear you are installing a prehung exterior door correct? Or are you installing a door slab? I am having ahrd time picturing it as well. Can you upload a photo? Otherwise it sounds like you are on the right path.

Posted 2011-03-31T14:04:24+0000  by gotogregg



I am unsure if I am following your issue correctly, but hopefully this advice helps.


If you are replacing the entire door unit (that is, you're putting in a new door, with new jambs, new sill, new everything), I would recommend removing the old wood sill to get down to the flat, bare stud 2X6 or 2X8.


Check the diagram below for assistance. The new sill will have to sit flat on the stud base. Most sills are adjustable, so you can make the threshold higher just by adjusting the built-in screws. If that is not enough, you could even nail your own flat piece of wood onto the stud base and boost the whole door unit upward to the level you need it to be relative to the interior floor.... but be sure if you do this that your rough-opening is still tall enough to fit the door unit.


If you are just replacing the door only, it should be as simple as removing the old door from the jambs you already have in place and hanging the new door onto them. You will have to be sure your hinge locations are standard and that they align with the hinge locations of the new door.



I hope some of this helps

Posted 2011-04-01T17:01:38+0000  by HomesteadDoors
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