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Replace water damaged porch support

Hello, My existing wood frame porch sits on a concrete footing which is on a 30"high solid concrete block upon which the framing sits. Due to a gutter leaking the wood has rotted and needs to be replaced. Its a home made porch(not by me) and the wood blocks beneath the corner support were piecemeal at best. the porch is 8' x 12' and it is on the 8' side away from the house that the problem is. My question is, should I replace the entire 8' length and renail some new joist support brackets on the inside or just cut out to where it is solid and replace that bit with a flat support bracket?I guess those two are header pieces and the joists (12' length) come into it. Do I need to pre shore the corner before i start?  Arent home repairs fun?? Thanks for info in advance :)

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Posted 2012-05-12T15:07:23+0000  by seashanty seashanty



They'd be most helpful in this situation.

Posted 2012-05-12T19:35:36+0000  by Paul
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