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Replacement Batteries for Ridgid

How do I get Ridgid replacement batteries for my 24 volt Lithium-Ion system Using my lifetime replacement warrantee?  Blacksmith

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Posted 2012-04-16T04:08:45+0000  by Blacksmith Blacksmith

I don't see many happy campers about the Ridgid Lifetime Warrantee except Home Depot associates - on this or other forums.  Probably because Ridgid doesn't offer a Lifetime Warrantee on it's batteries - BUT THEY SAY THEY DO.  An associate who replaced a battery for me said it like it is - "if Ridgid replaced batteries forever, they'd go out of business."  I agree, but that isn't what I read when I read the warrantee PROMISE.


Ridgid knows and the whole world has come to realize the Ridgid "Lifetime Warrantee" on batteries really means "The lifetime of the battery +1 rebuilt replacement battery",


From a person who believes trustworthy means everything in the world, if I was Ridgid, I'd suggest they just say it like it is.  "The battery is guaranteed to perform 3 years.  After that it will be replaced once."  Just stop the registration/receipt/confirmation/denial that causes so much confusion, distrust, anger and loss of loyalty. 


I find the Ridgid tools to be great tools.  Personally, I hate that every brand has their own battery because it locks me into one cordless brand when a brand X drill may be the best for my use and brand Y saw may be what I want for another use.  Multiple chargers, batteries, etc. just makes a mess of my workshop - so I settle.


Summary Suggestion to Ridgid - Take the high road.  Take the honest and straightforward road.  Be honest with your policies.  Continue to make great tools and DON'T deceive your loyal customers.  Change your warrantee wording to be what it is.  You are losing loyal customers because you just aren't being straight, honest and trustworthy. 

Posted 2013-07-12T01:59:43+0000  by dohrtom

 Well here is my story with trying to get replacement battery for my Ridgid that is just one year old. Went to Home Depot in Wareham Ma on Tuesday August 20 2013. I had my dead battery and sales slip get in the store and the girl tells me I need to bring in the whole kit in order to get a battery and they have none in stock. I leave and return on Wednesday afternoon and wait 20 mins fo my turn at the counter. So now I tell the guy I need a new battery due to this not charging. He asks what's it doing wrong I tell him not charging he then state's I don't have time for this... He then takes the battery and starts some paper work. I was so pissed now I call a Ridgid service center in Hanover Ma and tell the guy at the service center my problem he says the exchange takes less than 5 mins.


 I tell the guy at the desk I take my stuff and walk out of the store total time in Home Depot was 45-50 mins and two trips to Home Depot and nothing done. Well I drive to service center and was out of the store in three mins. I will never go to Home Depot for service of any equipment again thanks to the rude and extra extra slow rental desk.

Posted 2013-08-22T00:27:47+0000  by JJOHN22042


Home Depot did not even respond to any postings about this poor customer service :smileysad:

Posted 2013-09-02T14:47:32+0000  by JJOHN22042
Ridgid 18 volt R86006 Drill
Posted 2013-12-04T15:21:59+0000  by thomasbily
My 2009 Rigid Drill and Driver just lost its first battery.  I vaguely remember registering my kit...and I have endured all the years of email specials from Rigid.  I called Rigid spoke to a nice guy who gave me my personal number.

I took my whole kit to the rental counter of the Owasso OK Home Depot.  A friendly young man looked it over and tested it on his charger agreed that it needed replaced.  I filled out a form he called in my information to Rigid.

He then gave me a copy of my claim and advised I would have my replacement within 10 working days.

All in all if I receive my replacement, and I have no reason to doubt it, I has been one of the easiest experiences of just about any warranty.  Short of Sears Craftman Tool replacement this was as good as any.

Thanks Home Depot

Posted 2015-07-30T03:31:42+0000  by Mychrontom
I got my two new batteries within 10 days as promised.

I went online to register and was advised to call in for warranty re-registration.  "JJ" took my serial numbers and registered my two new batteries.....

No problems here.
Posted 2015-08-08T15:25:05+0000  by Mychrontom
I have had two Ridgid 18V batteries since 2011 and they still work perfectly with my impact driver which is an awesome tool for anyone driving screws, bolts, etc. True, my batteries don't get used every day, but they have had quite a bit of use in the last year. This webpage has some tips on prolonging battery life:

I just bought and registered a Ridgid tool set for my son and it is easier now -- all online. I linked my credit card to my Home Depot account and then my receipt was available on the Home Depot website. 
Posted 2016-12-31T07:01:39+0000  by DougInLA
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