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Replacement knobs for NYC apartment front door

I am confused by the multitude of terms referring to door knobs. I live in a NYC apartment building and want new knobs for the inside and outside of my apartment door. I do not need to replace the actual locking mechanism, only the knobs. I don't know what product I should be shopping for. In other words, I would like to remove both knobs, screw on new knobs, and that is it. I have seen listings for "passage knobs," "interior packs, " and much more. Can you advise me? Thank you very much! (My superintendent said I need "passage knobs," but these look awfully flimsy to me.)

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Posted 2013-11-19T18:29:34+0000  by lngreene lngreene

Hello Ingreene and welcome to the Community.


Without seeing your current handle set it is difficult to determine what you need.  The likelihood of replacing just the knobs is slim.  A passage knob does nothing in the way of providing any security.  It has no locking mechanism.  The knob merely moves the latch to open the door from either side.  You may be using a dead bolt to secure your apartment?


 If you had to replace the whole lockset, I would put an ENTRY Lockset in for the added security.  It’s not difficult, something either you or your superintendent could do.   Here is an installation guide (how to install a Kwikset door knob)  for you to look over.  Here is a link to installing a lockset on a new door. You would not need all the steps but may find it helpful in replacing a lockset.


In most cases you can buy a new Entry lock set at The Home Depot and they will rekey it to match your current Deadbolt key, thus needing only one key to unlock either handle or deadbolt.


If you would like to send a picture or give more details, I would welcome the chance to go into more details about your choses.




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Posted 2013-11-19T20:49:39+0000  by Char_HD_CHI

It can be a bit confusing.  What I think your super wants is a lockset that can't be locked from the outside without a key.  That's pretty typical for an apartment (and not a bad idea for homes) because it keeps people from being locked out accidentally, minimizing calls to the super.


A passage lockset is one that doesn't lock, they're often used for closets.  A privacy lockset is one typically used for bathrooms and bedrooms.  They're not indended to provide any degree of security, just to keep someone from walking in.  The last kind is an entry lockset.  They're keyed and indended to be use on exterior doors.  Of course, you can use any of lockset anywhere depending on your needs.


You're right in that the typical home center passage lockset is kind of "flimsy" but remember their intended purpose.  On the bright side, they're cheap.  If you want something more substaintial and are willing to pay for it, there are commerical locksets.  Schlage, for example, has a number of lines intended for retail, schools, hospitality, etc.  Most if not all of those lines will offer passage locksets.  They may be available as special order through Home Depot, available through a local locksmith, or online.


Finally there are two parts to a lockset - the handle assembly and the latch.  Typically they are not interchangeable between brands.  A Kwikset handle usually won't fit a Schlage latch.  So you'll likely have to replace both parts.  But, at most, the latch is two screws.



Posted 2013-11-19T23:41:04+0000  by Adam444
Thank you, charlotte and adam, for your responses. I neglected to include complete info. There is a single cylinder mortise type lock on the door. From the outside (the building hallway) you insert the key into a separate cylinder, not into the doorknob. From the inside, there is a latch you turn to "double-lock" (NYC term!) the door. The door is always "single-locked", unless you press a little button to keep it unlocked. This is standard NYC stuff, everyone has it, and I intend to keep the same system. My super said I only need to buy the knobs, since the old ones are ugly and discolored. He said that if I want the latch that you turn on the inside of the door to match the new knob, I will also need to buy a new deadbolt lock mechanism. My problem is that I cannot figure out the proper names for these parts when I lock online. Even on the HD website,I cannot readily determine which items I need to purchase.
Posted 2013-11-20T00:12:24+0000  by lngreene

Hi Ingreene


Thanks for the added information. I have the web site for Home Depot Passage door knobs.  Take a look and see if any of these alternatives will work for you.  If you click on a particular products picture and select the specifications drop down arrow, you will find an Info & guide box.  Often there will be options for installation, replacement parts list, instructions/assembly that may help you pick what will work for you.


Please let me know if I can help further.




I am a Home Depot Associate trained and authorized to help people on the internet.

Posted 2013-11-22T15:06:13+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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