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Replacement part

I have a "U Shaped" metal connector which is bent and causing my glass globe to rub on the ceiling fan blades. How would I go about replacing this part? I've attached an image identifying the part.


Fan model AC-552

SKU #953-400


UPC 718212341636


hampton bay fan.jpg

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Posted 2013-12-18T20:00:04+0000  by justinploof justinploof

Gotta Love A DIY Ceiling Fan Repair justinploof!


Usually, I would suggest going to the store or online and selecting a light kit that will match your fan.


HOWEVER ... I happened to notice that your fan has been marked down to $16 online only until 01/01/2014.

Hampton Bay Bay Island 52-inch Belcaro Walnut.jpg  Click the link to jump to the fan description.

I would simply go online before this special expires and order the fan kit, use the light base to repair your existing fan and install the fan (with or without a replacement light) in another area where you need air circulation.



Most homes that have basements or areas built below grade can have airborne odor caused by moisture.


Better air circulation in areas like this will greatly reduce the odor by evaporating and drying moisture sources.


So, take advantage NOW of the special pricing to fix two problem for a very low price.


You'll be glad you did!



Posted 2013-12-19T15:46:00+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

I see the item is currently sold out online. Do you know when it's expected to come back into stock?

Posted 2013-12-19T16:07:43+0000  by justinploof

My Apologies justinploof!


It seems the lower price point really drove sales.


So, back to The Store we go.


Ask your Electrical Associate to help you identify in-stock light kits that match your fan.


Be certain to take the damaged light with you.


You may find that the frame of the existing light can be straightened to prevent contact.



In my department, Paint, you will find spray paint that will allow you to simulate the existing color ... just in case the replacement light kits don't come in your color.



If all else fails, you might simply choose a different Hampton Bay light kit and replace not only the metal frame but the globes as well.

Posted 2013-12-19T16:14:38+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hey justinploof,


At least with in-stock light kits, they are all universal and will work as a new light kit!


This is actually cheaper for you to rob parts from it or an entire replacement for your fan versus ordering it.


We have kits that should at least be very similar or the same color as your ceiling fan.


Trinity Collection 3-Light Cobblestone Ceiling Fan Light12 in. Amber Bowl Ceiling Fan Light KitAltura Ceiling Fan Light Kit


Let us know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2013-12-28T20:21:05+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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