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Replacement parts

I have a Hampton Bay Ceiling fan.  It is model AC-552 (SKU#442-031).  It has two chains.  One controls the fan and the other controls the light.  The chain that controls the light snapped off and I need a replacement part.  I do not think I need an entire light kit but perhaps only the part that contains the two bulb socket bases.  I think it can easily be wired in the light kit and will fit into the existing brackets.  In the picture the part I need is the white plastic unit with the two bulb sockets.  Thanks.


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Posted 2012-03-24T23:16:15+0000  by MJL2012 MJL2012

Hi, MJL.

Thanks for reaching out. I can definitely help you with this.


Unfortunately, that SKU number is not coming up in our system & that is not the model number for the fan, but for one of the parts on it. I'll actually need the UPC code. You can find this located on a sticker on the top of the motor housing.

If you do not find that sticker, you can take a picture of the fan fully put together, and I can attempt to ID the fan by that. Sticker information is best of course.


*I've attached a picture of the sticker with the UPC I'll need you to locate.


In the event you cannot find the sticker, our last resort is for you to take a picture of the whole fan (fully assembled). Please do *not* take a picture of any individual pieces as they will not help. I will be comparing your fan picture to the ones in our database.


Please email me this information at


Thanks so much, Nicki

Posted 2012-03-26T13:11:54+0000  by THDCustomerCare
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