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Replacing 1-3/4" doors with 1-3/8" doors...

I ordered interior doors from Home Depot a few months back for my new house, and I am just getting to installing them now.  It turns out that the existing interior doors are 1-3/4" thick, and the doors I bought are 1-3/8".  I just got the slabs, not the complete pre-hung doors.  What would be the best way for me to go about retro-fitting these doors, short of completely replacing the jambs?

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Posted 2012-12-15T20:17:33+0000  by brizak79 brizak79


Hi brizak ,


Best way to go about it is to adjust the door stops once the replacement slab is in place.


Here's how to;


First, take the old slab down and set it on top of the replacement slab.


If you got the old 1-3/4 doors than you got the old pin style hinges too.These come apart by pulling the pin out.


Second, line up the slabs and trace the hinges and the lock hole from the old slab on to the new slab.


Using a hand chisel mortise the hinge slots- don’t drill the hole for the lock yet.

chisel dewalt.jpg

Next remove the hinges from the old slab and install on to the new one.


Hang the new slab up and double check the strike plate versus lock bore location on the slab.


Drill the lock bore for the lock and hole for the lock pin using a drill and the bore saw jig.

door lock kit.jpg

Install the lock and adjust it to where it locks easily.


Finally close the door in place and standing on the side of the door that faces the door stops, pry the stops off and move them over so that they are right up against the door.


Hope this helps and please do not hestiate to post back with any additional questions you may have.





Posted 2012-12-17T15:57:40+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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