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Replacing 100 amp panel

I'm replacing my old 100 amp breaker box with a new one, but i'm a little unsure of some of the differences in the panels.  I was looking at a 100 amp box with 24 circuits and 24 spaces.   The other had 40 circuits with 20 spaces.  The number of spaces aside what is the difference between 24 and 40 circuits? (Dont say 16) haha

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Posted 2013-02-05T14:43:16+0000  by DerekJT83 DerekJT83

40 circuit -24 Space panel = Cheap panel expensive breakers.

24 circuit - 24 Space panel = Small panel.


How it works, 40 circuit load center can accept half height breakers. Meaning the load center is rated at 40 max circuits using half height breakers, so do the math 24 standard breakers = 40 half height??? Right you can physically use 48 half height breakers but the panel is not rated for that so don’t do it.  How many circuits do you need, I would recommend you stick with 30 or 40 space panels you will not regret it.  30/40 space panel will use standard breakers which are cheaper than half height. Also if you ever need to add more circuits you will have plenty of room,  you will spend more on the panel but as the saying goes do it once…do it right.  Are you hiring an electrician to do the work? Remember in order to cut the power to the panel you will have to pull the meter, unless this is a sub-panel.  Good luck.

Posted 2013-02-05T18:33:05+0000  by jwatkins82
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