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Replacing AC unit - how much electricity will be saved?

I know this is not the season for air conditioning.  But here in Texas, it got up to 112 deg for several days.  I had electric bills that were nearly $500 for 4 months and my AC ran 24 hours a day.   I do not want to live through that again.  My home and air conditioning unit were built/ purchased in 2004.  I feel that the unit is undersized but most contractors have disagreed because they are going by some EPA recommendation.  The unit is a 3 ton Carrier, I think 8 seer.  The home is 1987 sq ft, two story. 


Here is my quesiton:  How can I determine how much electricity will be save if I upgrade to a 4 ton 13 seer unit?

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Posted 2011-12-20T16:51:01+0000  by kjar kjar

Hey kjar.  Welcome back!


Interesting choice.  Typically the choice would be a heat pump vs. a furnace and air conditioner combination.


In essence a heat pump is an air conditioning unit whose functions can be reversed to provide heating operation in mild climates like yours.  Farther north where it gets colder in the winter, a heat pump may be augmented by either an electric or gas furnace.  This is because of the limited capacity of a heat pump to heat rather than an efficiency issue.


Since you have not purchased your A/C unit yet, consider your purchase as an entire system.  That way you can look at the heat pump efficiency for both heating and cooling, and compare its installation and running costs with a traditional furnace and A/C system.  More expensive systems also tend to have higher efficiencies so there is a trade-off here.


I think that there are so many variables here that your best bet would be to get estimates from 2 or 3 contractors who can provide specs on the models they offer.  Then you can compare installed and running costs.


I would be remiss not to offer you the Home Depot option, so here it is:


Home Depot HVAC Installation.PNG


I hope this helps,





Posted 2012-04-03T15:10:41+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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