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Bath & Faucets

Replacing Bathroom Sink

We have a rusted-out undermount bathroom sink in a solid-surface vanity top.  The cutout for the sink is 18" x 15".  Is it possible to replace the sink with a top mount model, preferably without having to cut the countertop?

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Posted 2012-06-11T00:06:50+0000  by TimH TimH


Hi Tim,

Your under mount sink can be replaced with a drop in. The only concern is the placement of the faucet.

With under mount sinks, the faucet is mounted on the counter top. Most drop in sinks have a rim and the faucet is mounted on the sink rim. Thus a drop in may not work for you due to the placement of the faucet.


The rim will interfere with the faucet or the spout won't reach the center of the bowl.

In addition most of the drop in sinks I researched required a larger cut out than you have now.


It may be possible to find a drop in that will work, however finding one that will work with the existing sink and faucet cut outs may be a real challenge.

So I might recommend staying with the under mount and upgrading the sink to a ceramic model or stainless steel.

Take a picture of your sink and counter top to your local Home Depot, the plumbing associates will help you determine if a drop in will work with minimal changes, and show you the options available.

Good Luck with your project.


Posted 2012-06-11T17:38:26+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Thanks for the reply.  Our undermount sink is a little different in that the faucet is mounted to the sink rim (much like a top mount sink), not the countertop.  So I don't think the faucet will be a problem.


We're looking at redoing the bathroom completely sometime in the next couple of years, so I'm really just looking for an inexpensive interim solution.  Sounds like we may have to cut the countertop though, unless we can find a top mount sink that will drop into that size hole.

Posted 2012-06-11T19:39:05+0000  by TimH
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