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Replacing Entry Door

I am looking to replace a 32 inch entry door.  Mine is left handed.  Do I have to replace it with another left handed door?  There are many more style options for right handed doors.  Thanks!

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Posted 2011-04-22T16:23:59+0000  by rebalouise44 rebalouise44

Hello rebalouise44, and welcome to the community!


I work for the Home Depot in the Door & Window dept in the Chicagoland area. When I speak to a customer that is looking to replace their door, the first question I ask is what do you like & dislike about your current door, then go from there.


There are two ways to replace a door, either as a prehung door replacement or a slab replacement. A prehung door replacement is when you remove the door and frame completely, and insert a new door that comes with it's own frame--doing it this way will allow you to change from a left hand door to a right hand door if you choose, and the new frame (jamb) will come with new, perfect fitting weather striping on all sides including the bottom. If you current door is more than 15 years old, this is the way to go.


A slab door replacement is when you change out only the door itself not the frame. This allows you to keep all existing interior & exterior trim intact, with minimum disruption, but this process involves having to cut or mortise for the hinges so they are flush with the surface edge of the door in specific location, and drill for the deadbolt & lockset.  Most manufactures use the same locations for the door knobs but the hinge location can vary from vendor to vendor, so measuring your door exactly is critical.


There just as many styles of doors for left hand as there are right hand doors. 32" & 36" are very common, 34" doors are not as common in the rest of the country, but the Chicago area and the Boston area do use 34", there are not a lot of choices when it comes to 34" doors, so your lucky if you don't need this size.


I would recommend you stop in to your local Home Depot and check out the selection of doors we have available and we can also special order. We carry steel and fiberglass entry doors in stock, both are very nice, but there is a distinctive difference between all of them.




Pros: Moderately priced. Very dent-resistant,  Low-maintenance.

Cons: Can crack under severe impact.


Features to note Available with smooth surface or embossed wood-grain texture. Edge treatment on some doors makes them look more like wood. Can be painted or stained. Energy-efficient, though adding glass panels cuts


The picture below is a fiberglass door, not wood.






Pros: Inexpensive. Low-maintenance (unless you have to deal with dents).

Cons: Easily dented, Dents are hard to repair. Scratches pose the risk of rusting if they aren't painted.


Features to note Energy-efficient, though adding glass panels cuts insulating value.


These are samples of steel doors.





Pros: The high-end look that other materials try to mimic. Least likely to dent. Scratches are easily repaired.

Cons: Expensive. Requires regular maintenance—painting or varnishing—to look its best.


Features to note Rails and stiles (vertical and horizontal parts) made of laminated wood covered with veneer provide the greatest resistance to warping.


These are wood doors below.



Posted 2011-04-22T17:26:25+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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