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Replacing Hampton Bay Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan with different light fixture

I decided to remove the Hampton Bay Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan that was installed by previous homeowner. It was powered only by the remote control. The wall switch never controlled the ceiling fan. I replaced the fan with a small chandelier since this will now be a baby nursery. I hooked up the chandelier and realized that the light switch will not control the chandelier. It appears that the ceiling outlet has power all the time. Can someone tell me how to make it so that the wall switch controls the ceiling light? The ceiling outlet has a black, white and ground wire. The wall light switch has a red wire connected to the top & black connected to the bottom. The black wire is connected to 3 wall black wires with a cap and the white wires are capped off and not connected to the switch at all. One electrical wall outlet has a matching red wire, which allows me to have a lamp plugged in and the switch controls that power. Thanks

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Posted 2012-03-13T20:27:44+0000  by rz74977 rz74977

Good Morning rz74977, if you can call me at your earliest convenience at 770-433-2811 ext. 77446

I will try to help you with your wiring issue.





Posted 2012-03-28T13:16:35+0000  by AAriondo

Hi,  I just have something to add.  In Ga many of the nicer houses did not have ceiling fixtures because the designers wanted a clean flat look.  So.. We wired a portion of the receptacles to the switch to meet the code requirement.  Someone has added the overhead fixture and probably didn't take the extra time to run a wire to the switch box that's why you had a remote.  You just need to run 14/2( or 14/3 if a ceiling fan will be installed in the future) from the ceiling fixture to the light switch.  Sounds easy but it isn't.  The easiest way is to remove the switch box, fish the wire then install a cut-in box.  AA can talk you through the wiring.(Pretty easy) once you get the wire into the switch box.  I hope this helps.Stukas


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Posted 2012-04-02T17:26:15+0000  by Stukas
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