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Replacing Interior Attack/Closet Doors



I just moved into a 1960 Oversized cape. The cathedral-isk type ceilings have allowed the builder/owner to install miniature doors in the walls that allowed access to the what would be "wasted" storage space. However, the downside is that these doors pretty much lead to a small closet--which in turn leads to the roof.


The "doors" that are installed are more like bi-folding slated closet doors that appear to be cut down to size, actually matter of fact, now that I think about it, they look more like shutters for the windows. These doors are very unsightly, old, and not very air tight.


There is insulation on the roof (old, and needs replacement, but sturdy and doing it's job for the most part now). There is not much cold air coming through these doors, but the key phrase there is "not much"--not none.


There is 4 "doors" like this between several rooms. They measure out to be the following:


2x-- 21"x46"




You can see that those are not normal size openings. Obviously I cannot just buy a door off the shelf to solve this. And I could not find doors applicable on a Google search.


I would really prefer to buy "mini" doors that match the style of the interior doors. I think it would look great if I have the same 6-panel type doors just "wonka" sized down to the opening, even putting a regular jamb, framing, and the same door knob on these. 


Not only am I looking for a new door, but I would like to find a door that would block out the air, sound, and not have it look like a crawlspace.


Thanks for any insight. As of now I was thinking about just building my own door from scratch. I believe with the time and research I have the ability to do that, but if anyone knows a easier way, that would be awesome.




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Posted 2012-12-18T20:13:34+0000  by thood86 thood86

Hello Thood86,


Welcome to the community.


Your house sounds very fun and interesting. It would be a good hide n seek house.


Some of our door vendors will make smaller doors but they only offer them in a flush slab not a 6-panel. If you ordered the flush slab you could always add molding to make it look like a 6-panel door. Just thinking outside the box. It’s the woodworker inside me.  


If you have access to the tools then I would say that it would be a lot easier and much cheaper to build your own stile and rail doors. You could build them with as little as a router, circular saw, glue and a hammer. It would be a bit easier if you had a table saw but you could do it without.


            Stile and Rail Door.jpgA simple stile and rail door would look like this.


So I would double check with your local store to see what they could special order for you and then consider how much time and effort it will take to make them on your own. Let me know if you have any questions on how to make the stile and rail door by hand if you choose to go that route.


Come back and let me know what you decide to do and if the local store could order them for you.


Thanks again for joining the community we are glad you’re here.

Posted 2013-01-04T22:04:08+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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