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Replacing Neo-angle shower doors....JUST the doors.

Hi All,


I've gone 'round and 'round trying to find the answers.  I have a neo-angle shower and the base is in perfectly good condition and does not need to be replaced, the doors on the other hand do.  Here we go:


1) I want to replace just the doors (two side panels + door; whole kit and kaboodle e.g. glass and metal frame) - is this possible?


2) If Yes to #1, how do I measure just for the doors?  When I look online for options I'm not sure what the measurements represent and if it's just for the doors or for the base+doors.  HELP!!


Let's start there!


Thanks for any and all help you guys can provide me!

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Posted 2011-01-31T18:39:46+0000  by IcanPaint IcanPaint



Bit confused at what you are recommending I do with cardboard and a bit disheartened that maybe I'm out of luck here.  


I thought this should be a quick and easy thing to do and given time and my expertise I'm starting to lose hope that it's a DIY job for me.  


I can't imagine how a few centimeters difference from my measurements and the ones above could cause my door to be "custom".


Posted 2011-02-02T21:18:13+0000  by IcanPaint

Hey IcanPaint, I'm sorry to have made a shower door replacement such an issue. I'll see if I can get down to business here. 


Being that your shower door is only off by about 3/4 of an inch across all three dimensions, IF you have a wide threshold like the one in the picture that I posted you should not have a problem.


However, if you have a fiberglass enclosure that has a very small threshold that is only as wide as the door then this will probably not fit correctly. Sometimes the doors and enclosures are made for each other with the intent for a very tight fit. Without seeing your door and enclosure it is hard to say definitively whether it will fit or not. 


I hope this helped clear things up, if not, you know where to find me. :smileyvery-happy:



Posted 2011-02-02T21:31:51+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Hi Blake,


No, no, just frustrated in general.  YOU have been very helpful and I thank you.


I'm attaching a picture of the threshold.  As you can see the current door is basically centered on the threshold and the width of the threshold is a little more than 3 inches wide.  


I think after reading this thread and your advice that I have a "standard" door size and will be just fine with what we've already looked at.


Is that your thought as well?  I trust and appreciate your professional advice.

Posted 2011-02-05T03:16:39+0000  by IcanPaint

Hey IcanPaint, I'm sorry to take so long to get back to you. 

I think you have plenty of wiggle room to fit the new door. 

Besides  If all else fails, you can now return online ordered items to any The Home Depot location (in salable condition of course within 90 days). 


I hope this works out for you IcanPaint, I'd love to see a picture when you get your project completed. 



Posted 2011-02-07T19:00:57+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Hi, Buying a shower encloser especially a neo angle framed unit is not easy. Home depot has good middle line shower enclosers and easy to install. Start at the wall find center of the sill where the old one sat. make a mark do the same on the other side. move up to the first 135 degree angle and make a mark same on other side. find your center mark on the front sill connect the dots. measure from the walls out to the 135 degree angle also the front dimensions. you want to inform the salesman that all sizes are tight and layed out center of the unit. Oh ya don't forget the hieght dimension. or call a glass man good luck  

Posted 2011-02-20T14:36:31+0000  by glascon

My measurements for the doors (including metal frame) are approx. 15 3/4 x 27 x 15 3/4, 68 1/2 height and 37 in width of base.  


Posted 2016-02-18T02:16:33+0000  by gamps66
I have a similar problem. We have a 16inch by 26inch by 16inch base and enclosure is 72 inch tall it is just a base and backwall set up only. We bought a kit but it didn't fit. So it has never had doors. Now a few years later. Yes years because we were told home depot doesn't have this odd size. So revisiting how to buy doors or what else can we use if we can't find doors that fit? Is there some sort of shower curtain rod that can be set up? Anyone have any ideas on where to start looking?
Posted 2018-05-25T03:21:14+0000  by braveheart007
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