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Replacing Old panels in our Bathroom


Hoping to get a lil help on this. Our bathroom has chest high panels that are hideous, I'm wanting to replace them with something else but am nervous about ripping them off. They are simplely nailed on it appears, but don't have anything behind them either apparently other than the 'guts' of the house...any thoughts on how to go about this? i'd like to replace them with a tin panel to make it look rustic...

Also needing to put some shelves up, in a NARROW cubby area that's rather tall. Does home depot have anything that wouldn't require doing wood cutting? I don't own much for tools and would prefer a simple drill and lay the shelf in type of project. Thanks

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Posted 2012-04-16T23:31:36+0000  by atbefort atbefort

Hello atbefort.  Welcome to the Community!


Let me start with the shelving question first.  Not knowing either the dimensions of narrow or deep, I can still suggest a few options for you.  First off there is wire shelvingWire shelving can be cut at your local Home Depot to any width you want.  The mounts can run down a tall area and are very easy to install.  Here's some pictures from a Project Guide you can find here.

Wire Shelf Hanging.PNG

This type of shelving comes in depths of 12, 16 and 20".  So if your cubby area will accommodate that, it's the easiest way with no wood to cut.


If you want wood shelves and have an unusual sized area, then the usual sizes of wood shelving will have to be cut down to fit.  Home Depot stores have saws in the Lumber department.  Lumber associates can cut down raw lumber or shelving to your dimensions as long as the wood is long enough to clear the safety guards.  You can install adjustable vertical standards like these and simply set the wood shelving on the mounting brackets at any height you want.  Below is an excerpt from a Project Guide on installing adjustable brackets:


Mounting Adjustable Shelf Brackets.PNG


OK, on to the bathroom panels.


Pictures would really help me with this one.  If there is nothing behind the hideous panels except wall framing, then how can there be wall above the panels without a significant "step" in depth?  Paneling can run 1/8" to 1/4" thick, much thinner than either a drywall or plaster wall.  If indeed there is nothing behind the panel then you will need to install drywall before you add a decorative rustic treatment on top. 


I hope this helps get you started.  Please post back with pictures and any other questions you may have.






Posted 2012-04-17T14:41:31+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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