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Replacing Spindle on Hall Stairway (bottom of stairway)

The bottom spindel has been broken after 15 years of grandsons pulling at it.  Can I buy something to fix it, perhaps a dowel at top and bottom, glued into the ends, and if so, how do I "wedge" the spindle into place?


Thanks for your attention and cooperation



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Posted 2010-12-09T16:12:58+0000  by cando636 cando636

Greetings and welcome to our community,


Spindle replacements are a common problem and the good news is that they are very easy to replace! I recently responded to a similar post which I will share;


1-1/4 in. x 34 in. 5015 Oak Turned Pin-top Baluster


Spindles are also known as balusters, and the most popular style is pictured above. If the existing baluster is missing, skip to the next paragraph. If not, take a hand saw and cut the baluster in half and carefully remove it from the top and base. It was likely held in place by glue or a tiny trim nail at the base, and perhaps at the top as well. Carefully remove any glue and/or nails from the tread and handrail.


Go to your local store and buy a replacement baluster, it should measure at least 41" to insure that it will be long enough for your application. You will find that replacements may need to be anywhere from 31" to 41" in length. Cut the pin at the base of the replacement spindle to 1/4".  Measure from the stair tread to the hand rail and add 1 1/2" and cut the top to that measurement. You will then slide the top into the existing hole in the handrail and "drift" the spindle in place. (There should be enough room to do so, that is how they are designed) If once in place, the top feels too loose mark it where it meets the hand rail, remove it and "build it up" with masking tape above the point where it can be seen.


Once satisfied with the "dry fit" put a dab of wood glue at the top of the spindle, then drill very small pilot holes in an inconspicuous place at the base of the spindle and nail a small finish nail through the pin and into the tread.


Further, I recommend that any finishing, such as painting or staining be done prior to installation.


Hope that helps and please let me know if I can assist further.

Posted 2010-12-09T17:07:14+0000  by HD116
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