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Replacing a LIght Kit

We just 5 "Hampton Bay Larson 52 in. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan" installed but 2 of the fans are connected to switches with dimmers.  They buzz badly and the handyman said that they won't actually dim because of the type of bulb etc.  I went to a local home depot thinking I could just get dimmable CFLs or weitch the dimmer switch to a CFL dimmer switch. I learned from the employee in that department that because this fan's lights have a different set of prong than most I guess that I will have to get completely new light kits that say they will do CFL dimmable bulbs (and subsequently get some CFL dimmable bulbs). My question is, does the new light kit also have to be a Hampton Bay brand?  How do I know the light kit will fit these fans, etc.?  Any specific recommended light kits would be helpful.  Thanks!!

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Posted 2012-12-17T13:56:17+0000  by Cammie Cammie
I don't have the UPC but your website has this info:
"Model # AL420-BN
Internet # 202579024
Store SKU # 337293
Posted 2012-12-17T14:11:45+0000  by Cammie

Hello Cammie,


Thanks for joining us on the community!


Well I have good news for you and your Hampton Bay Larson 52" Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan!


While it is true you can use a new light kit for your fan that isn't a twist-lock GU24-base for your light bulbs, we sell GU24 base bulbs that ARE dimmable!


These bulbs are sold online and in some select stores. At my store here in Atlanta, we don't carry them, but we do have them available to purchase on our website! Click below on the image to find out more information.

Feit Electric 13-Watt (60W) GU24 Dimmable CFL Light Bulb


I would recommend using the light bulbs above and using a dimmer that is rated for CFL light bulbs. This way, you don't have to change out your light kit, and you can keep the existing look you have now!


If you still decide to change out the light kit, every light kit we sell in our store is rated to fit on all our fans. However, I would only do this as a Plan B if you decide to not use the dimmable GU24 light bulb/dimmer. 


Let us know if this option would work for you, and let us know if we can be of further help.






Posted 2012-12-17T15:23:52+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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