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Install & Replace

Replacing a doorbell

The wires were not marked when old doorbell was removed. Which wires go where?

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Posted 2010-11-24T04:34:04+0000  by Jules Jules

Congratulations Jules on replacing your doorbell – and just in time for the holidays!


This link will take you to our Replacing a Doorbell Project Guide that will provide step-by-step photographs to take you through several doorbell projects, including

  • Replace a Wired Doorbell with a Wireless Doorbell
  • Replace a Wired Doorbell Button or Switch
  • Replace a Wired Doorbell Chime, Buzzer or Bell
  • Replace a Wired Doorbell Transformer

Safety first: always remember to first turn off the power at the breaker panel to the circuit supplying electricity to the doorbell when working with wires.  Best wishes and please keep us posted on your project!

Posted 2010-11-24T13:37:39+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

Being that the door bell is low voltage & polarization is not a problem, it won't make a difference which wire goes where.

Posted 2010-11-25T16:13:17+0000  by highinspect
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