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Replacing a dual light switch with a dual dimmer, one circuit is 3-way

I replaced a dual light switch in my basement that controlled 2 sets of lights, one set is also switchable from the stairs.

I want both sets to be dimmable and don't care about operating the 3-way set from the basement, so I thought I would install a dual dimmer in place of the dual switch (the dimmer is not 3-way but since I just want to dim the lights from the basement and not use the on/off function I thought that wouldn't matter).

With the switch installed things aren't working properly and don't make sense to me.  The dimmer on the non 3-way side works fine, but the 3-way side only works if the non 3-way side is on.  I can't imagine how the circuit would work this way.
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Posted 2017-09-05T19:26:00+0000  by EvnStn EvnStn
Hello EvnStn.  Welcome to the Community!

The circuit(s) would do this if you connected the line-in power from the breaker box to the switched out wire on the "non-3 way" side of the dimmer, AND connected the wire going out to the "non-3 way" lights to the line-in power wire of the dimmer.  Doing this would cause power to be available to the "3-way" side of the switch only when the "non-3 way" side was turned on.

Fixing that mix up will allow your "3-way" side to work fine as long as the additional 3-way switch in the circuit is always flipped to allow power to pass through.


Posted 2017-09-05T20:08:09+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
That fixed it! Thanks so much for the quick reply.
Posted 2017-09-05T20:27:25+0000  by EvnStn
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