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Replacing a garage side door

Our garage has a side door to our yard. 
The outside part is peeling and flaking off at the bottom in little vertical strips. Most likely from sprinkler and sun hits. 
I would like to replace the door myself but need some pointers. 
I assume 
1. I need get door measurements, take them to Home Depot .
2. Get new door, replace. 
3. Paint outside with a stain?

I have basic experience with simple house improvement, but want to pass this forum to see if I missed some thing stupid. 
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Posted 2016-04-25T02:06:51+0000  by fraygos fraygos
I might suggest that fiberglass might be a better choice for a replacement than steel or wood.  You might also think about adjusting or re-positioning the sprinkler so it doesn't hit the door.

As for replacing the door, you can either replace the entire door and frame or just the door itself.  Each has it's advantages and disadvantages but if your door is damaged it's likely the frame is damaged as well and probably could stand replacement.

If at all possible, I would avoid staining the door.  Paint simply holds up better in the conditions you describe.
Posted 2016-04-25T08:59:12+0000  by Adam444
Hello fraygos.  Welcome back.

I agree that fiberglass would be a great choice for your service door.  Steel would typically be a less expensive alternative, but is more likely to dent.  A primed steel prehung door is the most common purchase for your type of installation.  It would then be painted, not stained.  Fiberglass entry doors can be bought pre-finished, or bought ready to paint.  I do not recommend a wood door.  The most common door size will be 36", with 32" a distant second.  Also available are 30" and 34".

Since you will be replacing the door yourself, pull the interior moulding off your existing door frame and measure the rough opening.  This is the width distance between the studs, and the height from floor to header.  Measure the width in 3 spots; high, low and middle.  Measure the height left and right.  Use the smallest height and width numbers as your guide.  Talk to a millwork specialist at your local Home Depot to make sure the door you want will fit.

On we have both a Buyers Guide and a Project Guide, (How-To-Install) for exterior doors.  You can find them here:

Entry Door Buyers Guide

Entry Door Project Guide



Posted 2016-04-26T15:09:32+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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