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Replacing a huge patch in my yard with sod or seed

We moved in a new subdivision in March and in April my husband based on a builder's article to decided to use put down fertilizer. As a result, the grass died as the sod was too new. On a bad note,the builder will not replace the sod, therefore we are left with repairing it lawn. 

Can you please guide us how to repair the lawn (see image below)?

We were hoping that Home Depot had a class on how to repair our lawn, but we did not see any scheduled classes online.
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Posted 2018-08-29T16:31:39+0000  by Keke3780 Keke3780
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Greetings Keke3780,

Sorry to read that you have lost a bit of your lawn do to fertilization, your lawn has been killed with kindnessL. I am sure the thinking on the part of your husband was feeding the lawn would be a good thing, but the sod roots were too young to accept the fertilizer as a beneficial act, instead the roots were burnt.

Fertilizer can stay present in the soil for eight or more weeks depending on the amount of rain or water the ground receives. Leaching the soil is the best thing to be doing right now, you need to wash away, remove, any residual remains of the fertilizer to be able to promote new grass growth, so. ….. water, water, water! You will ready for a fall planting, starting turf in the autumn is good, best time to get a lawn established.

Removing the dead sod can be easily done; because the root system has been destroyed there is nothing holding it down, the sod should lift right up. If you have a bit of a struggle pick up a sod shovel at your local Home Depot, it is a great shovel to have on hand no matter what.

Be prepared for a very dirty task, even fresh sod can be very dirty and dusty, but handling dead sod can be completely overwhelming, ending with grit in your teeth….seriously; wear a dust mask, gloves and goggles.

Once you are ready, you may want to consider adding a fresh layer of seeding soil to the site, Scotts Lawn Soil is the perfect product for the job! The lawn soil composition has organic matter along with a starter fertilizer to enrich the root growth and lay the perfect foundation for new turf.

Fresh regional grass seed is a good way to start a new lawn, but for instant gratification roll out sod!

I would invest in sod for this application because yours is a new development and every other front lawn is fresh and new, a carpet of fresh sod will look great!

From the phot it looks like you could square off the dead area for prep for the sod, and it does not look like the site will need an enormous amount of sod to fix it up.

Stop by your local Home Depot and speak to a garden associate to find out the sod delivery schedule and the size of the sod pieces. The formula for sod purchase amount is: find the area of the space – length time’s width, divided by the size of a piece of sod, which will determine how many pieces of sod you will need to purchase.

Lots of leaching, sod removal, fresh Lawn Soil, new regional seed or fresh rolls of sod will get you back to a fresh start!

Here are a few tips for a positive sod installation taken from the HD Community archives:

1. Prepare the soil just as if you were going to seed; rake out all dead, and unwanted old turf, remove any stones, sticks, debris that would keep the soil from being clear.


2.Scratch or dig up the entire area.  Hard steel rake, or pitch fork will be best tools for that job.


3.Now you need to: smooth and level your space. A grading rake and garden roller will be best for this part of your project.


4.Once your site is level, a top dressing of peat moss, lime and starter fertilizer will only help with strong root development.  Peat helps to keep moisture at soil-root level.  Lime neutralizers the acidity of the peat. And the starter accelerates the root development of the sod....or,  Scotts Lawn Soil has everything need in one bag!


5.After the top dressing, once again roll your area, this will embed all you additives so they won’t displace with the excessive irrigation you will be applying.


6.Now lay your sod strips. Make sure they are abutting each other, as snug as they can go, without overlapping or any edges raised,…… level and tight. Stager them just as you would bricks on a walk-way.


7.Roll the site in its entirety when you are done to eliminate any air pockets and there is consistent root-ground contact.


8.Rake lightly-just to raise grass blades- DO NOT DISTURB SOD EDGES!!


9.Now  water, water daily for at least the first three weeks. Even longer, if there is a drought. Just don’t let the sod dry out!


10.No parties, or prolonged use until the sod has been cut three times, then you will know it is ready for foot traffic!!!




Check out these links to see a visit to a sod farm: 

How to chose the right seed for your lawn:

Let us know how things are growing and if you have any other questions,


Posted 2018-08-30T12:59:25+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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