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Replacing a lanai roof

I need to replace a leaky lanai roof.  I've done some remodeling with my father (years ago on the farm), but don't remember a lot of what I was taught.  The roof is approximately 24'X10'.  It extends off the main house at a slightly less grade than the main house.  What type of connectors should I use to anchor to the main house?  What type of plywood sheet should I use for the roof itself?  The trusses will rest on top of a support beam on the outside of the patio.  What type of connectors should I use to anchor them in place?  It's not an overly complicated repair, but I don't want to to collapse.  Is there a "How to Page/Section" on building a roof I can refer to?



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Posted 2011-02-07T21:03:08+0000  by chohusker chohusker


Hello chohusker thank you for joining and welcome to the community.


That’s a great project that you are working on chohusker I’ve personally never done any type of work on an authentic lanai roof and I’m certainly not a lanai expert. What I do know is that structure that is built to support lanai roof is probably going to be different than one that is built to support shingle roof. Now I’m not saying that the structure you have is not going to support the roof I’m just concern about the span of the framing members and the overall bracing.

 I would recommend reaching out to your local code enforcement officials and having building inspected prior to any alterations.

As far as the trusss connection goes you need to consult with a structural engineer on type of the connectors you need to use and where specifically it needs to be tied to. Your existing structure it’s made to carry its own weight and imposed load and adding any additional structure to the supporting members can cause lateral shifting of the existing building.

Hope that helps and again welcome to the community.




Posted 2011-02-08T15:51:45+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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