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Replacing a laundry tub drain pipe

Just noticed that the metal drain pipe underneath the utility/laundry sink is leaking a bit - it looks like the metal has corroded.  I'm sure it it will only get worse.  I've never done a pipe replacement before.  Is this some a beginner should attempt or only for a plumber?   Is there something I can patch/tape it up with in the meantime or would that be not a good idea?  I welcome experienced advice!



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Posted 2012-07-15T12:20:22+0000  by Wren Wren

Hey Wren.  Welcome to the Community!


Replacing sink drain pipes is an easy DIY project.  You really only need 2 tools to do this.  Parts and these tools are available at your local Home Depot.  First, the tools; slip joint pliers and a hack saw:


Slip Joint Pliers.jpgHack Saw.jpg


You will have a choice on replacing your existing drain.  Chrome pipes like you have now are pretty, but over time do corrode away.


Chrome Drain.jpg


Your other choice would be to use PVC plastic parts.  PVC is cheaper, does not corrode and also are not as nice to look at as chrome pieces.


PVC Drain.jpg


Both kinds are taken apart and replaced in the same way.  Chrome pipe fittings use flat rubber sealing gaskets with their chrome nuts.  Plastic pipes use beveled plastic gaskets.  Otherwise the parts are the same.  While bathroom sinks usually have 1 1/4" pipes and traps, kitchen and utility sinks will use the 1 1/2" size.  So 1 1/2" it is... has a project guide made just for you.  It's called "Replacing Drain Traps".

This guide has more information than I will post here, but to give you an idea here are the steps involved:


Steps 123.PNG

Steps 45.PNG


Run some water down the drain, check for leaks and gently tighten the nuts where ever you see one.  Done!

As you can see, this is pretty straightforward.  No tape, putty, patch or other temporary fix should be used.  A new drain is fast and easy to do.


I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-07-17T14:35:10+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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