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Replacing bath vanity faucet

Our old faucets are connected to shutoff valves with copper tube supply lines. How do I remove the old faucet and replace the copper with flexible tubing - or should I replace the valve AND tubing?

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Posted 2012-09-30T18:16:46+0000  by maryB maryB

 Hi Maryb,


The copper supply lines can be easily removed. They have a nut and gasket at each end and can simply be unscrewed and removed. Some old shutoff valves have the supply line attached and the valve will have to be replaced as well.


In many cases, the valves will need to be replaced. They often break or begin to leak when they are turned off after many years left in the on position. Mineral deposits build up in the valves and cause problems.


Once you have removed the supply lines, reach under the faucet and remove the retaining nuts. There are usually two, one on each side of the faucet on the water inlets. The water inlet connections double as faucet mounting points.


Disconnect the drain connections and remove the linkage and rod for the drain assembly.


Now you can remove the faucet and install the new one. The installation instructions come with the new faucet. It’s basically the reverse of the removal process. I have included a link to our faucet project guide below.


Take your old supply lines and nuts and any shutoff valves you need to replace to your local Home Depot and the plumbing associates will assist you in selecting the proper new flexible supply lines and any new shutoff valves you may need.


Good luck with your project!



Posted 2012-10-01T18:40:52+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Hi maryB and welcome to the community.   You should turn off the shut-offs and remove the supply lines.  They will have a compression nut at the shutoff end and a faucet nut at the faucet end.  Take the old supply lines with you to Home Depot and they can match them with flexible lines.  You will need a basin wrench and an ajustable wrench to remove the supply lines.   I hope this helps.  Stukas


I am a master trade specialist with the home depot

Posted 2012-10-01T18:50:34+0000  by Stukas
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