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Replacing bathroom faucets

I want to replace by brass bathroom faucets to nickel faucets. Can I just buy a trim kit or do I need to buy the valve and supply lines, etc?

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Posted 2011-11-05T07:52:13+0000  by moesha moesha

Hi moesha and welcome to the community.  Bath remodels and changing out brass fixtures to brushed/satin nickel is a popular move these days, and one that I help customers in the store with often. As to your question you can really do either one, whichever method makes your project easier and gives you the result you want.


For your bathroom sink all you'll need to do is select a faucet in the style you like and your pretty much good to go.  Most bathroom faucets are made for a 4" spread (also known as center-set).  Which simply means the distance between the centers of the outer holes equal 4 inches.  Just make sure you double check your measurement before you select a faucet.


4 inch spread faucet holes


Changing out the tub and shower fixtures can be handled in a couple of ways.


In some cases the tub and shower can get a facelift with a new trim kit.  This kit is purely aesthetic and doesn't require the changing out of any of plumbing within the wall.  These kits will include the tub spout, handles, beauty ring, and a shower head and arm.  You can also optionally buy a separate shower head if you want a very specific look.  Before exploring this option it's a good idea to make sure you can find all the necessary trim work in the style and finish you want.


The alternative is to buy completely new fixtures.  When you buy a new bath and shower fixture it includes all the trim and the valve assembly for the plumbing.  This method will mean that you have to replace the old valve in the wall, so be aware that if you do not have rear access to the valve and you have tile work in place it may need to be removed.  


I hope this helps and don't forget that when changing out bath fixtures you'll also need to make sure the other bath hardware matches.





Posted 2011-11-06T16:14:27+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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