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Replacing deadbolt lock

Hi All,

I have a Segal brand deadbolt single cylinder lock that just won't turn (the bulky brass ones that you turn a knob on the inside).


My question is is it easy to buy another lock and just install a new one or it is very complicated. Also are the "templates: the same or are they specific for the brand. If so I would just buy another Segal brand.


Thanks for any advice. If anyone knows of a video out there I would appreciate. I seem to only find the ones installing the deadbolts that are flush to the door.





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Posted 2011-03-13T04:01:02+0000  by DIYGR DIYGR

Hi DIYGR ChrisFixit here, I’ve seen these locks around but never took the time to see who made them. 


It seems like the easiest route will be to replace your existing lock with another Segal deadbolt.  Looking at the Segal install template I don’t believe a standard deadbolt will align properly as the Segal sits a bit closer to the door edge than a standard deadbolt. Hmm I can’t seem to find any install videos of the Segal style lock either, but I did find an installation guide that is attatched below. I’ll pass this along to some of the other guys on the team to see if they have any further input or direct experience installing a Segal lock. I hope this has been helpful.




Posted 2011-03-13T14:23:45+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Hello DIYGR, welcome to our community!  I work for the Home Depot here in the Chicago area, and I work in the Door & Window department.

Defender surface deadbolt.jpg



Your situation is one that I have experience before personally. My parents used to have a Surface Deadbolt like the one in this picture to the right, and I ended up replacing it with a traditional deadbolt that you see on most doors today.


But you if don't want the hassle of changing to a different style of lock can still get the Surface Deadbolt, it can be purchased at the Home Depot in the Hardware department under the name Defender, the holes should line up the same as the Segal lock, so no worries.





DEWALT Door Lock Installation Kit.jpg

If you are looking to change from a Surface Deadbolt to Traditional Deadbolt then there are few things you need to do. The main

tool, aside from a drill & screwdriver,  you are going to need to have a Door Lock Installation Kit


These kits are available from  Home Depot and they carry several brands from DeWalt, Black & Decker, & Ryobi, and the price will range from $15 to $30, buy a good one, it's an investment that will last and can be used on both exterior & interior doors.  






dewalt lock install kit.jpg

With this kit you will be able to drill a larger hole when you currently have a smaller hole. The current 1-3/8" hole for the Segal lock will need to be enlarged to 2-1/8" for the new deadbolt, this kit will allow you to do it. Placing the hole saw exactly where it needs to be in order for the lock to fit. The picture to the right shows a smaller hole with the kit attached to the door. The smaller hole is where the old lock was.



The Hole Saw should be long enough to go through both sides, but if it doesn't, you just drill from the opposite side. The instructions are fairly self explanatory, and you can always ask a Home Depot associate for assistance.









DEWALT Door Lock Installation Kit edge.jpg

Once you have finished drilling the larger hole, it's time to drill the hole on the edge for the door latch. The kits come with both hole saws, and the kits can be adjusted for either 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset--the backseat is a measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the hole. (see picture)





Once your done drilling then it's time to install the lock, follow the instructions included with the lock, and your done!


Please let us know how your project went, and if you have any questions. 






Posted 2011-03-14T15:36:13+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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