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Replacing fluorescent bulbs with led bulbs

So I've watched 4 videos on u tube and still not sure whether I need to just remove the ballast or also replace shunted tombstones.  Anybody have any thoughts. Thanks
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Posted 2015-12-26T18:19:25+0000  by Robblebonble Robblebonble

Hi Robblebonble,

Thanks for your question and welcome the community!

Depending on what replacement LED bulb you purchased from your local Home Depot will determine if you bypass the ballast or if you don't.

For the Philips brand, they are 'Plug and Play' where you don't need to rewire or do any additional work; they simply replace the older fluorescent bulbs. 

If they are the brand from Toggled, you will need to bypass the ballast. However, no additional wiring is needed, as these can use the same sockets (aka tombstones).

To view the installation manual for Toggled, please click here.

This is one of those situations where you actually have the answer, that is, if you haven't thrown away the packaging of your new LED bulbs. Know what brand name you have, refer to the manufacturer's instructions. This will be your solution, as it depends on the brand you bought that will dictate how and if it needs to be rewired.

Let us know if you need any further questions,


Posted 2015-12-26T20:58:37+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Follow the instructions on the package of replacement bulbs you purchased.  For the ones that use the existing ballast, you have to make sure the ballast is compatible with the bulb and the manufacturer will have a list on their website.

I might point out that at least the replacement LED bulbs I've seen put out considerably less 
light (25%+) than fluorescent bulbs.
Posted 2015-12-27T12:23:35+0000  by Adam444
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