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Replacing greenboard around a shower stall

I am attempting to install greenboard around a shower stall. The problem  I am having is that the flanges of the stall make it so it is not possible to install the new greenboard and make it flush with the existing drywall.


I had a thought that maybe I should install the greenboard in the space between the flanges and the exisiting drywall and cover the flanges in joint compound and drywall tape.


I don't know if this is correct. Can someone help me out?

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Posted 2011-04-25T21:13:20+0000  by tylerd4091 tylerd4091

Hey tylerd4091, welcome to the Home Depot Community!


I think I’m going to need either pictures or a little more information to answer your question.


My first thought is that a shower stall is supposed to be free-standing, and thus does not attach to the walls directly at all.  Since you mentioned flanges, then I need to move on to where those flanges are.


Maybe you have installed a shower base designed for glue-up walls without having the green board already in place.  This could cause the base lip to be in the way.


A shower system made for “direct to stud” installation is designed to have the wall flanges covered with green board, mudded in and painted.  It should look like this so that the flanges are concealed:



With this type of installation you will run board over the flanges and out to the corners and ceiling.


Here are links to project guides for shower base and wall installs:

Shower base installation:

Direct to stud shower wall installation:

Glue-on shower wall installation:


Please check back and maybe with a few more details we can sort this out.

I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-04-26T15:13:02+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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