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Replacing receptacles and light switches in a mobile home

Hello! I posted a question about this last week, and while I have done a lot of research since then and feel more comfortable with it, I do have some additional questions. I am in the process of changing out receptacles and light switches in a mobile home. They currently have what I guess is called “self-contained” boxes where the wires snap in to them in the back. I want to change them out with regular outlets and switches that have the terminal screws. Here are the questions I currently have.


For the most part I’ve got these figured out; however I want to confirm this. I have 2 grounding wires at each outlet. Will I pig tail these together and then attach to the green screw? That is what I saw on another website and want to make sure it is correct.


This one I’m a little unsure of. Each one of my light switches has 3 sets of wires, 2 coming in the bottom of the box and 1 coming in at the top. The new light switches only have the grounding screw and the 2 screws for the black wires. Questions:

1.       Pigtail all 3 ground wires and attach to ground screw?

2.       Wire nut all 3 white wires together and push to the back of the box?

3.       Will 2 of the black wires need to be pig tailed and attached to one screw while the 3rd black wire attaches directly to the other screw? Someone mentioned on another website that in mobile homes the set of wires coming from the top of the box is to the light fixture in the ceiling while the 2 coming in at the bottom are the 1) power source and 2) Runner to an outlet. Does that mean the 2 on the bottom should be pig tailed together? Currently I’m working on single pole switches that do not operate anything other than the light fixture in the ceiling.

The help would be appreciated. We don’t want to do something wrong :/

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Posted 2014-07-07T14:43:27+0000  by BritnyK BritnyK
Howdy BritnyK,

Before we start I'd like to remind you that some cities require a specific type of receptacle. On that same note, some types of wiring are allowed in some cities and not in others. Whenever dealing with electrical, plumbing, gas, or building code it's always best to either hire a licensed contractor if you are not totally comfortable with these types of projects. Here are some diagrams from our vendors;

Happy Wiring,
Coach Dave
Posted 2014-07-08T00:57:46+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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