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Replacing rubber seal on exterior door

I need to replace the rubber seal on a pre-manufactured exterior door. My pets have torn it and it now needs to be replaced so insects, and outside air does not come right into my house. The seal appears to be attached between the wooden piece that acts as a door stop and the frame. How do I replace the seal?
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Posted 2012-07-14T04:47:51+0000  by Pec Pec

The seal is very easy to replace:


With a putty knife - try and pry out the top corner of the gasket and pull straight it out towards yourself. It will be tough getting it started, but once the corner comes out the rest will be easy.




Now replace with new gaskets by pressing the hard part back into the wood crease.  Your Home depot store will have the gasket in several different colors and can be bought as a three piece set.


door seal.jpg

Hope this helps.  paiintpro.JPG


Posted 2012-07-15T15:03:20+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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