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Replacing standard device covers w/ midway can hide wear marks on wall

Hello everybody : I admit it painting is far from being something I claim as a skill. Still, as has already been discussed, labor is a huge part of the cost of a painting job. So if it takes me longer to save the money, I am still saving money in the long run.  Something I learned about the whole process is that often standard device covers often over time will wear a groove or notch into the wall, from life in the room. I found out that making that groove blend in as a part of the prep is sometimes a challenge. I found out a LONG time ago that changing from standard to Midway or middle sized covers, the extra 3/8" inch in overall size will often cover the mark, and also gives the finished project a fresh sparkle. It also means no problem with a dropped cover breaking.

     Midway sized covers are nylon, they are almost impossible to break. They also are made to keep the screws in the cover. Anyone who has had to go back to a Depot to find replacement screws knows how good that could be! :smileymad

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Posted 2011-03-15T04:03:11+0000  by elect_answers elect_answers

Hey, elect answers.

Thats a great tip, im sure just about anyone that has done any amount of painting has run into this problem before. I have used this in the past and it can really hide the blemishs caused by overtightened or painted on covers and gives the room a more modern look.

Posted 2011-03-16T15:47:22+0000  by HDwetPaint
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