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Replacing the Shower head along the bathtub Faucet



I need to replace my entire shower head along with faucets, but I don't how to go about doing this project can you provide me with any helpful suggestions.

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Posted 2010-11-09T06:07:05+0000  by sherie64 sherie64


Hi sherie64!

Before you start with your faucet replacement there are few things you should know. Replacing a shower faucet it's  not an easy task for most homeowners and it can even get complicated for some contractors as well. You need to check and understand you local plumbing codes before installation, due to any incorrect installation can result in some serious water damage in your home. Also you need to have right tools and also to feel comfortable using some of these tools if required. For example a propane plumber’s torch, in proper handling of this tool can cause some serious burns and property damage. So if this is a project where you need to completely remove your shower body( rough in) and requires  changes to you hot and cold water supply I recommend hiring a licensed plumber.


Now let’s talk about faucet installation.


First purchase a correct replacement faucet; similar or same type of the faucet will minimize plumbing modifications and work around your walls.


The second step of the installation process should proceed with shutting off your cold and hot water supply in your house and opening your faucets to allow water to drain out from the supply pipes. Once you cold and hot water supply are shut off your replacement can start by removing a shower handle(s) and the spout. If you have planned to change your bathroom tiles in the near future this installation could move that project in to the present time. Sometimes when changing a bathroom faucet you need also to remove tiles that are around the faucet handles, and finding the same old tiles can be an impossible task. That’s why you should always try to get to the faucet if possible from the back side; most of the bathrooms do not have their plumbing on the exterior walls so replacement from the back side of the interior wall should always be primary. Finally you should complete you replacement following provided instructions and plumbing codes in your area. Something else to consider would be to just change your cartridges and leave your existing rough in. In some instances if you can provide us with a brand name and model number of your faucet we can order a new cartridges and a new trim in one of our stores, this would make this project easier and more DIY friendly. Also I’ve found this very helpful how to replace a faucet cartridge page that you can refer to.


Hope that helps and good luck with your project.


Posted 2010-11-09T16:55:02+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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