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Replacing three hole vanity faucet with one hole faucet.

I got a question from a community member about replacing a three hole faucet with a single hole faucet in a bathroom vanity. Since many people may benefit from the answer I thought I would go ahead and write a post about it.


How you go about this project depends on the existing faucet, if you have a widespread faucet currently installed (widespread faucets have the valves eight inches apart or farther). You will have a hard time finding a one hole faucet with a deck plate large enough to span all the holes. In this case I would usually suggest you install the one hole faucet in the center hole, left by the old faucet, and then add accessories to the remaining two holes. One of my favorite ideas for this set up is dual soap dispensers. Although unorthodox, dual soap dispensers allow one to be used for soap, and the other for a liquid or gel of your choice. I have heard of deck mounted soap dispensers used to dispense hand lotion, hair gel, and sanitizer. Another option would be to cover one or both spare holes with blank covers that match your faucet's finish. 


Widespread faucet:

widespread faucet.jpg



If on the other hand your vanity is equipped with a center set faucet (also known as 4" spread faucets) most one hole faucets come with a deck plate that is designed to span the smaller gap of a center set holes.  If this is the case I would recommend utilizing the deck plate for the cleanest possible look.


Centerset faucet:

centerset faucet.jpg         



We have a video project guide about replacing a faucet, the only difference is that with your new faucet you will be connecting the supply lines onto threaded copper supply lines that drop down out of the center hole of your faucet in most cases. If you need any clarification please let me know. If you can provide the model number and manufacturer of the faucet you are looking at I can provide you with more detailed installation instructions. In general though, I think you should find no problems replacing your current faucet with a hands free model.


I hope this helps!



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