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Replacing toilet interior mechanisms

I have a toilet that runs constantly unless I remove the ceramic top and life the water float arm, I've tried adjusting but the adjustments don't last.  Now I've purchased the replacement pieces and no float of the old kind is gladly received.  My difficulty is I can't seem to remove the piece that has the exterior bolt and waterline connection.  NOW what do I do?:smileysurprised:

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Posted 2010-11-18T22:17:29+0000  by Robbeezmail Robbeezmail

Hey robbeezmail

Hi I’m Ken with The Home Depot in California. Welcome to The Home Depot community. Nothing is worse than a constant running toilet. Now let’s help you with this replacement.  It’s great that you’re upgrading to a better system then the old float arm, congrats.  Sometimes the bolt is really put on there tight. You should be able to get around this by using an adjustable wrench. I have had some tough ones myself.  I had to use a plumber’s pipe wrench on a water connection. This worked out okay. Attached is a Home Depot website that shows you step by step how to accomplish your task. Also on this site is a How to video.


I hope this helps. 

Posted 2010-11-18T23:37:34+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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