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Repurpose Antique Door Handles Into Coat Hangers

Eighteen years ago, Erin replaced the antique door handles on her Grandmother's doors. She recently found them in the basement and is re-purposing them into coat hangers ...


Antique Door Handle.jpg inside her entry door to hang her child's coats.


Erin came to the store requesting help identifying a way to clean and clear coat her antique handles without removing the patina that represented years of use by her grandparents.


Her solution included cleaning the handles by spraying with Krud Kutter and rinsing with fresh, clean water. This limited contact cleaning ensured that the patina would survive.


After they air dry, she sprayed Rust-Oleum Matte Clear Coat ... this no-gloss finish protects the metal while maintaining the aged appearance.


Finally, the handles are located behind her entry door, using brass screws to secure them into the studs behind the sheetrock.



Image: Joey Young


SKILL LEVEL:     Beginner


TIME:  4-6 hours (Including dry time.)


COST:  Around $40 assuming you have the antique handles.


TOOLS & MATERIALS: Krud Kutter 335-203, Rust-Oleum Matte Clear Coat 618-927, StudSensor Stud Finder 826-552, and Brass Flat-head Wood Screws 252-670


 Pat InPaint

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