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Rerouting a kitchen pipe to tear a wall down

My husband is tearing a wall down in our kitchen and we found that there is a pipe running from the basement to the roof. Can this pipe be rerouted. It is located about 36 inches from the sick.

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Posted 2011-07-02T20:19:18+0000  by MamaMia MamaMia

Welcome to the community MamaMia, I'm ChrisFixit.


It sounds like what you'll have encountered is the house main vent stack.



The purpose of the vent stack is to provide a constant air supply to the drainage system to prevent a vacuum from forming. Without that air pressure water seals in waste traps could fail allowing sewer gases to leach back into the home and cause not only unpleasant smells but also cause health concerns.


Inappropriate vent pipe setup can cause any number of problems with the drainage system of a home so don't take any chances. My advice to you is to have a licensed plumber come out and have a look at the situation to see if anything can be done.




EDITED: Fixed image position

Posted 2011-07-03T13:38:18+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Thanks so much for the info. That's the exact pipe! We are not going to mess with it....just work around it. Thanks again!!!

Posted 2011-07-05T01:16:53+0000  by MamaMia

No problem. Glad I could help.



Posted 2011-07-10T12:55:50+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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