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Resilient Vinyl flooring question

I want to put the Resilient Vinyl floating floor in my kitchen, dining and entry area of my house.  Currently the kitchen has glued down vinyl and the other areas have tile.  I would like to put the new flooring over the old if possible.  It is a big area and I really don't want to take up and dispose of all of that tile. The tile floor is about 1/4 inch higher than the vinyl flooring.  Someone suggested I could put a layer of underlay to bring the vinyl floor up to about the same level as the tile.  

Is there some underlay I could use that would work to accomplish this?  Someone suggested a cork underlay that comes in rolls.  If underlay will not work, do you have any other suggestions?

I put this flooring down in our entire basement about 6 years ago and it has worked wonderfully and still looks brand new.
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Posted 2017-01-28T14:19:40+0000  by chergess chergess

Hello chergess,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.

You can easily place the new vinyl flooring over your existing one provided that the floor now is clean and level, along with it being firmly secured to the subfloor.

With that said, you can then install the new vinyl flooring over the surface WITHOUT use of any underlayments. 

In fact, it's unwise to use an underlayment for vinyl floating floor plank systems, as it can create movement of the planks and most likely void the warranty you'd have on it.

Since you really need to place a transition strip down where it will meet the existing tile anyways, I would strongly suggest to use a matching hard surface reducer that matches it in the color and brand.

Once the transition piece is in place, you'll have a nice professional finish that will work for both floors and close up the gap left where the vinyl planks were.

Let us know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2017-01-28T16:40:14+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
"Thank you Joseph.  I will look for a transition piece to match the flooring I order.  That should work fine, I just didn't know exactly what to do with height difference.  Thanks for your advise.  
Posted 2017-01-29T15:13:08+0000  by chergess
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