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Resurfacing Concrete Block Interior Wall



I have been put in charge of redecorating one of our conference rooms at work. Our problem is that the room has no windows, and is surrounded by cold, white, concrete block walls. I was looking in to putting up drywall, but from what I understand, it will make the space smaller. \


So then I saw stuccoing - is that something that can go on a concrete cinderblock wall? If not, does anyone have any ideas on ways to cover the ugliness?


Thanks in advance!

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Posted 2012-08-22T17:08:41+0000  by TYeckel TYeckel




If reducing the physical size of the room is of concern, drywall can be attached to  2X lumber attached directly to the wall, rather than to free standing stud walls. You will have only surrendered 4 inches of room space. This will also allow room for a moderate amount of insulation, such as 1 1/2 ridgid foam. I am assuming that you literally meant "cold" walls in your description of the room. Being cement block, they are probably exterior walls subject to heat and cold.


Stucco like products would not improve heat transfer, unless it was a Dryvit type synthetic stucco material applied to ridgid foam. Material wise, drywall would be the least expensive and the most suitable for DYI installation.


Hope this helps.

Posted 2012-08-23T05:37:47+0000  by ordjen
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