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Resurfacing a fiberglass bath/shower

Any hints on resurfacing fiiberglass bath/shower?

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Posted 2010-11-26T15:02:02+0000  by Homesweethome Homesweethome

Gelcoat is the right material to resurface fiberglass. It is the outer skin of boats, showers, etc. and covers the glass cloth and mat that are the strength layers. Gelcoat is sold at most marine supply dealers and the kits sometimes contain tubes of color. Open a window because this material gives off a lot of odor. Read the package for mixing instructions. HD had a kit several years ago, but my local store doesn't carry it now. Fiberglass cloth, mat, and resin are available at my HD. They also have bondo fiberglass putty for patching holes.

Posted 2010-11-26T16:10:53+0000  by Glide2Fly

Our shower doors have been removed; what's the best way to remove the caulking from the tub/wall surfaces?  And what would be the best thing for covering up the holes - something purchasable in small amounts.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Posted 2010-11-27T15:42:15+0000  by dmb1125

Hey dmb1125.

Thanks for the question. Now that the shower door is down now let’s remove that caulking. I would assume that it is a silicone base caulk, so the best thing to do is remove as much as you can with a putty knife and then you can remove the rest with Goof Off or paint thinner on a rag. If this does not work then it is a latex base caulking and you will need to use Krud Kutter. You can use these  on both tub and wall.


As for that fiberglass tub, there is a product we sell called Bondo Glass or Bondo Putty which goes on grey. This is ideal for filling screw holes. Once this dries you want to get a small bottle of sink and tub touch up paint. This is made for porcelain, but will work on fiberglass as long as it is on the top edge of the tub and not inside it. This touch up paint will be found in the same area as the Bondo.


I hope this helped and welcome to the community.

fiberglass bondo.jpg

Posted 2010-11-28T19:04:48+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Thank you! We'll try it!

Posted 2010-11-29T19:11:08+0000  by Homesweethome
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