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Retaining wall in backyard question

So our backyard slopes and water sits beside our porch for days from the rain and neighbors srinklet system.  
I'm going to level it,  not a huge yard.  Then build less than 2 foot high wall with blocks. Now I'm doing drains behind the way and couple in the yard going out toward the street. 
My question is.  First row has to be under level ground on top of level in sand.  But to do the drainage behind the way.  Should I do 6inch drain canister or bury the pipe with sock over it along the whole area? Then run the pipe to the street. 
I've checked with city and as Long as it's below 2 too, I don't need a permi to build it. 
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Posted 2016-11-10T20:04:16+0000  by Jathanw Jathanw
Hello jathanw.

It sounds like you will be better off running perforated pipe with a sock to a lower spot in your yard.  At that point you could use a pop-up which would come into play when large amounts of drainage volume is needed.  If you have something like a culvert by the street then you could just let the pipe empty into it directly.  A 6 inch french drain will have very limited drainage volume.


Posted 2016-11-10T20:48:57+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
I was going to use 4 inch perforated. 
Do I need to put gravel around pipe with sock on it?  Or just fill with dirt around it
Posted 2016-11-10T21:38:14+0000  by Jathanw
Hi jathanw.

Putting gravel underneath the pipe will help improve the absorption of drainage water along the run.  The sock will keep dirt from clogging the pipe over time, so no gravel is needed above the pipe.  Four inch corruggated pipe, both perforated and solid, are staple items at Home Depot stores.


Posted 2016-11-11T13:55:32+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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