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Reuse and/or recycle for a new kitchen or ceiling...

Recently, shecandoit22 helped another member with some ideas for quick and easy, inexpensive fun projects. One of the suggestions was using soda cans and an awl or nail to create a punched metal design. While browsing around on another site, I came across something that fits into the same category.


If you drink a lot of canned soda or beer, you're throwing away or recycling aluminum sheets that can easily be transformed into something from yesteryear... Have you ever walked into a hundred year old house and looked up at the ceiling, seeing those stamped tin panels? THD also sells a product by Fasade made from plastic to do just this thing for backsplashes and ceilings. Due to the fact it's made from plastic, you have to keep it away from heat sources at minimum of 2-3". They can be deformed by temps as low as 140°.


What if we were to use those beverage cans to recreate that tin ceiling or backsplash?! All you have to invest is some time, since you've already purchased the cans. Visit this link for the information, it's at Press Aluminum Cans Into Ceiling or Wall Tiles



While this instructable gets into some detail about making a die for stamping and you may not want to get that heavy into this project, there are other things that you can use found at craft stores or laying around the house that can be fashioned into a stamp. Shecandoit22 may also be able to provide some insight on doing this.

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Posted 2012-03-24T17:19:14+0000  by Paul Paul

Very nice Paul!


When I wrote a response here about using a temporary backsplash, the Fasade panels were exactly what I had in mind. Great product for backsplashes and ceilings. 


I really like the idea of recycling aluminium cans for new use as a decorative surface. It really is a malleable and thin substrate when you think about it.


Thanks for the links!





Posted 2012-03-24T17:57:38+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

That's really cool Paul Thanks for sharing.


I did a little aluminum casting work way back in high school. It was a lot of fun.


I would think that you could make a mold out of hardwood. You could route out two different molds. One positive and the other one negative. Making sure that one is slightly smaller so that it will fit loosely with-in the other mold. This will give you the allowance for the aluminum sheet to mold into place. I'm not sure how well the edges would hold up. I'm sure they would start to round over in time but It would still look fine. You would still be able to see the design. It might even make it easier to press the molds together once the edges are eased.


I've never tried this but it sounds like fun and an easy way to produce multiple items in the same shape.


Maybe the next time I have a day or two in the shop I will give it a try.


Thanks again for sharing Paul. As always I look forward to your next interesting post. :smileyhappy:  

Posted 2012-03-28T17:22:39+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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