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Revitalize your patio or walkway!

Now that spring has sprung and we are all ready to spend lots of time outside… It’s time to revitalize your tired old patio and walkway.


Here are a few ideas:


Pressure wash the surface and power scrape down to new looking cement.  Pre-treat the surface with a concrete cleaner or just a bleach/detergent mixture.  Hold the nozzle about 6 inches away from the surface using a 25 degree tip and slowly move across the cement.  This will give the surface of the cement a“like new” appearance.



   concrete.jpg           pressure-wash.jpg      


After pressure washing the surface, if you are still not that excited about what you see then…Try adding some color with concrete stain. 


Solid_Color_Concrete_Stain_No._800-thmb.jpg       Semi-Transparent_Concrete_Stain_No._850-thmb.jpg


   Solid color stain will give a consistent appearance to your patio or walkway and can be any color you want. *Use concrete bonding primer before.


image012.jpg                 jackson-1187.jpg  


   Semi-transparent concrete stain will adds some “flavor” to your patio or walkway without dramatically changing the appearance.  Because it allows the surface still is seen – it’s a great way to introduce an accent.




   Faux or artistic techniques are creative and very fun to do. 


You can mix and match stains to give an “old world” appearance by blending 2 or 3 colors. This is done by way of the “wet on wet” process where you apply one color and then another immediately (blending them in).




You can also give the appearance of tiles by taping off sections.  Start by staining every other square and wait until they have dried.  Pull up the tape and then either brush the additional squares in or re-tape on the inside of the previously stained squares and fill in.






You may want to apply a clear gloss “wet look” coat to your finished project for added protection.




Pour up some ice cold tea or lemonade, play some good music and have a great time.


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Posted 2011-05-02T19:22:50+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL Kevin_HD_ATL