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Reviving a Room or Budget Furniture

A customer at my store stopped recently and asked for help developing color ideas to faux an accent wall in her home. She also mentioned that she had purchased a chest of drawers at a yard sale and wanted to create a unique look for the piece. In the attached video, we demo simple techniques she can use on her projects.


Watch Our How-To Video


The color combinations for her wall demo included four different glaze colors applied over one based color and treated using a Gingham tool that creates a cross-checked pattern. The base color is RL Prussian Blue (VM122). The glazes were made of the following colors: light blue-RL Impressionist (VM129), gold-RL Parlor Gold (ready mix), and dark blue-Behr UL230-18 French Court. The brown glaze is RL Tea-Stained mixed by formula.


The demo for reviving her furniture, is done on an old cabinet door, pre-painted with off-white semi-gloss and treated using the wood-grained Faux Bois tool. The photo shows brown glaze (Tea-Stained) and RL ready mix Parlor Gold applied to frame the center panel.




Either of these techniques is relatively simple and can make a dramatic difference.


If you would like to know more about how colors will look together, see an associate at your local Paint Department or follow-up here in the Community.



Pat InPaint


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Posted 2010-11-11T20:14:10+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL

Great instruction!:smileyhappy:

Posted 2010-11-25T13:41:09+0000  by Glide2Fly

Looks cool! My bathroom theme is "Lakeside Beach" - i want it to feel like we are actually AT the beach. So i want wood panelling that looks like weathered dock boards, pebbly tile, blue paint etc.

How to get wood paneling to look like grey weathered barn board? Pine & cedar are the most common wood products available where I live. Any tips?

Posted 2011-01-05T00:30:28+0000  by JackieG

Hey JackieG!


Welcome to the community!


What a fun project ... I have this desire to be in the sun, on the water or at a "Lakeside Beach" almost every day!


OK, here is your game plan:


1) Go to Building Materials at the store and get sample pieces of both the pine and cedar you are considering.

2) The cedar will have more texture (weathered looking) and may actually give you a more aged look.

3) In the Paint Department you will first go to the Behr Wood Stain color kiosk.

4) Look for Light Lead DP-542 and Driftwood Gray DP-317 in semi-transparent ... 8 ounce samples are available for $3.

5) Also in the Paint Department, purchase a quart of Faux Glaze tinted to RL Weathered Concrete (UL27).

6) Purchase three two-inch throw away brushes (approx $1.15 each) to apply each product to your sample wood.

6) At home, apply one thin coat of each stain to either end of your sample wood.

7) Really "stretch" the stain out, by brushing a small amount down the board as far as it will go ... use random brushstrokes.

8) This will prevent it becoming too thick (dark).

9) You are not necessarily looking for uniform base color, and may experiment with both colors used together.

10) After the colors applied to the sample wood have dried, spot your Faux Glaze over the samples and use a variety of tools (brush, sponge, terry towel, etc) to push and pull the Glaze around to create your secondary color over the stain.

11) At this point it is an "art project," so be as creative as you like while manipulating the Glaze.

12) Allow the Glaze to dry and position your samples in the room where the project will be completed (to see it in that light).


These dozen steps sound like a lot, but on a timeline and budget plan you should expect to devote no more than six hours and about $30 toward creating your samples.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't doubt yourself at this step ... because it is very common among my customers. Establish a project timeline, purchase the full supplies, devote enough time to complete the project, and never-ever doubt that you made an outstanding creative decision!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so trust your instincts and create a look that is satisfying to you. 


Most often, my customers come back and rave about the look as well as the WOWs they get from their guests.


Have fun with it!


If it is not too much trouble, there is one little thing you can do for me ... when you complete the project, publish a photo on this site to share your creativity with the Community.


The members of our Community are soo creative, I get daily inspiration from them ... and I would love for them to be inspired by you as well.

Pat InPaint

Posted 2011-01-06T18:05:45+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hi! Thank you so much for the detailed advice!

We are totally transforming our bathroom so we will be a few months away before the finished project, but i will CERTAINLY do the test run art project in the meantime & post those pics.


Sometimes doing the artful experiments in the middle of the heavy work helps get through the tough times (in our case, using a porta potty in the back yard while our bathroom is under construction).

Again, thanks. I must say that through all the DIY over the last year, the advice i have gotten from the folks at home depot has been so helpful. Not just helping me find the right tool/product, but walking me through how to do something i've never done before. great!

here is a page showing a video of the paint job in my basement suite (which we totally gutted & rebuilt) Basement Suite Renovation Finale



Posted 2011-01-12T19:20:41+0000  by JackieG

Hey JackieG, now that is a creative solution!


I love the parody and the humor … “Move That Bike!” A suitable low-budget alternative to a bus.

You made me laugh.


When I look at the before and after images, it is easy to see your DIY skills moving up the learning curve.


Most of all, I am pleased to hear that Home Depot Associates have helped take you up that learning curve, “walking me through how to do something I’ve never done before.”


That is why I close every post with “When I can assist you again, please ask.”


I can hardly wait to see the demo pieces you create to decorate your bathroom!

And, I am sooo glad to know that Porta Potty has been replaced with indoor plumbing.


Each of our Paint Experts, ChristineClaret, HDWetPaint, PaintPro, and me, PatInPaint are here to help. So when you decide to turn those off-white walls into designer color combinations, check in with your ideas and we will try to help again. In the interim, click here to see some ideas for using your carpet color to help select colors for the walls.

Pat InPaint

Posted 2011-01-14T15:11:21+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hi! it has been MANY Months since i had the inspiration & today is the day to make the trip to the local home depot to buy the stain! i experimented with some 'weathering' techniques i found online: sprayed the wood with oven cleaner (weird but we had some on hand so i tried it) then wipe with vinegar-soaked steel wood. It really brought up the grain but it turned the cedar black & the pine a very warm brow. I want it to be GREY. So i'll check this out today & post pics! i never forgot your advice :-)

Posted 2011-10-16T18:12:45+0000  by JackieG

Hey JackieG!


Glad you re-joined us and particularly pleased that you are going to share your creative solution.


When you said, "I never forgot your advice," that is the ultimate compliment ... Thank You!


Like every project, there are several ways to meet your goal.


I look forward to seeing how your samples turn out.

Pat InPaint

Posted 2011-10-18T11:58:48+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Just one other thought JackieG!


You might just have enough creative energy to pull off Marbling Paint.


It is similar to your current project, but might be done on a larger area ... an accent wall for example.


Let me know what you think!

Pat InPaint

Posted 2011-10-18T14:11:00+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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