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Rewire home, remove K&T

I haven't found any real answers on this.  I'm planning on rewiring the house and question the number of junction boxes and placement.  I'm going to go with 12/2 w/g.  The existing K&T has outlets and/or switches on the same run over multiple rooms.

I can easily access the walls from the attic.  My plan is to run 4 or 5 feeds from the panel up to the attic via inside a bedroom wall.  Place the 4 or 5 junction boxes, probably attached to the wall studs of the closest outside wall(but inside of course :) )

Label each junction box 
1. Living room 4 outlets + 1 bedroom 4 outlets
2. Bathroom
3. 2 Bedrooms - 7 outlets
4. Kitchen - 3 outlets
5. Refrigerator own circuit

Then run the 12/2 down and through the ceiling/floor joist in the attic then down the inside of the wall to the existing outlet, cut out the old box and replace with old work box then install new outlets.

Does this sound like a plan that would be safe and meet code?  I've read in some forums that you can put a larger junction boxes instead of many smaller ones but I don't know.

Originally I was going to run all runs down to the basement and place junction boxes but I think it would become very crowded fast and that would also lead to a large number of wires running down a wall.
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Posted 2018-03-18T20:05:04+0000  by JaguarXJ JaguarXJ
Hi Jagaurxj,

Consult your local building department to determine if this arrangement will meet local code. Most cities require a permit for this type of work and inspections to assure compliance with code. They can tell you what's required prior to starting work, this will save you a lot of time and money by avoiding mistakes which will require rework and assure a safe and effective rewire job.

Posted 2018-03-19T17:43:33+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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