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Rino Tuff string trimmer move from reverse thread to Homelite forward thread

Hello, all. 


I bought a Rino Tuff string trimmer a few years ago and love it. Now, my string trimmer died and I recieved a Homelite gas string trimmer for Father's day. Problem is, I cannot install the Rino Tuff head on the Homelite because the bolt I have is reverse thread. 


Where do I get a forward thread bolt for it? Or, what are the specifications for that bold so I can find it myself? 





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Posted 2013-06-22T00:46:37+0000  by cmfman cmfman

Hey cmfman.


Those Rhino Tuff heads are universal for the most part but there are some trimmers that they will not fit. The packaging comes with several different pieces for different applications for different trimmers.


Is your new Homelite a straight shaft trimmer or a curved Shaft? I ask because many aftermarket heads will not fit on most curve shaft trimmers as they are less adaptable so people will not put blades on them due to the head being so much closer to the feet.


If it is a straight shaft trimmer then you may have to buy a new Rino Tuff head as it has all the adapters and spacers required for your trimmer.

Rino Tuff Pivotrim String Trimmer Head for Gas Trimmers

Posted 2013-06-23T14:51:55+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Thank's for the response Ingar. I actually have the head that takes 3 6-inch pieces of line. I know the Rino ads even on the HD site now say 99 percent of string trimmers, so I bet you are right, the forward thread bolt is in the newer kits. Heck, might have been in my kit originally and I just can't find it.


I do have a curved shaft trimmer, but I will still change the head because I suck at line feeding. Even the factory wound head that came with the trimmer bound up on me.



Posted 2013-06-23T15:04:08+0000  by cmfman
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