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Roberts Airguard Installed upside down

Hey all,

We are in the process of putting in a floating engineered wood (tongue and groove) and using the Roberts Airguard premium 3-1 underlayment.

We got one room done but It looks this underlayment was installed upside down. The white/bubbles part is face up with the all red side face down against our existing floor.  

Is this going to cause a serious issue with our floor down the road? We're in an apartment and this floor won't be in our kitchen or bathroom areas so water sealment isn't really a concern...we just want to make sure it won't cause the wood to shift.

Thanks in advance!
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Posted 2017-01-25T00:09:58+0000  by blueboars blueboars

Hello blueboars and welcome to the Community.

First, installing this incorrectly will/has voided the warranty.  You still have a moisture barrier between the sub-floor and your flooring but you now have an air pocket between the moisture barrier and the floor.  There may be some concern about moisture trapped those two layers.

Compression test have been done with the AirGuard, installed correctly, and it maintain 96% of it's original thickness.  So I would not worry about the floor shifting.

Thank you for your inquiry.


Posted 2017-01-26T16:20:09+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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