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Rookie attic insulation question

Hey folks,

I am a first time home owner and will admit I don't really know a lot about attic insulation.  Our shingles are in pretty rough shape and are starting to curl up.  Our neighbour tells us the shingles are not that old(but we're not 100% sure).

I had a guy look at my roof and question the attic insulation, so...

First of all, we live in Canada, it get's hot in the summer and really cold in the winter where we are(Ottawa).  My house was built in 1922.  In the attic there are pieces of plywood nailed down to create a floor to walk on so I can't actually see what kind or how much insulation there is.  There is nothing on the walls or on the roof.  The main part of the attic ceiling is bare, you can see the wood that the shingles are nailed to.(I think this is common but not sure).

Anyways, I would appreciate some help on what to look for in terms of insulation and/or ventalation and some tips on possibly how to bulk things up to help our shingles from peeling.

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Posted 2012-09-12T16:40:06+0000  by Peekay Peekay

Hello PeeKay, and welcome to the community!


I currently live in the chicagoland area and have been to the great white north several times, I love Canada! Congratulations on being a new home owner! You picked a good time to look over your home before winter arrives. Insulating your home properly is very important, otherwise it could end up costing you more to repair the damage. I have a link here > Getting ready to upgrade or renovate your home's insulation? that will visually help you see what you need to do to get your home insulated.

When shingles reach the end of their life the roofing reinforcement can contract and cause the shingles to “Curl”. If the shingles are over 15 years old and are curling it could be a sign that it is time to replace them. If the roof has been recently installed and the shingles are curling it could be a sign of a roofing manufacturer defect and should be inspected for determination. Another possible reason for the curling is improper insulation, so this ties in with your other concern.


A properly ventilated & insulated you not only will lower your energy costs but also lessen the possibility of having other repair costs. Effective cross-ventilation, summertime heat buildup in the attic can result in a wasteful and costly strain on a home’s cooling system and on your comfort. And in the cold months of winter, harmful ice dams can form if trapped moisture is not removed. A well-ventilated attic, on the other hand, has under eave or soffit vents, which allow fresh air to exit, helping to keep your home comfortable and dry. 2012-9-14 10-23-20.png

Posted 2012-09-14T15:25:40+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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