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My question is why at times does the leaves on my roses will turn yellowish with spots. 
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Posted 2018-04-06T20:22:08+0000  by bluivy bluivy


Greetings  bluivy,

Thank you for your question, roses are susceptible to a few different pests and diseases. Sounds to me like your roses are suffering from a disease, “diplacarpon rosae”, commonly known as “black spot”.

Black spot is a fungal infection that can live on for seasons if not treated, and can ultimately kill the plant. The disease becomes evident with the appearance of the black fungal spots on the leaves, and then the leaves yellow and drop. The fallen leaves can contaminate the soil, the fungus lives on and can transfer into the soil, and the plant takes it up through the root system it is a truly ugly circle!

Getting black spot under control will take some effort by so worth the time to save your roses! Maintenance is key!!!

1.    Leaf clean-up: make sure to remove all fallen leaves, do not compost the leaves make sure they are disposed of properly and remove from the site.

2.    Prune: Cut away any cane that is dead or damaged, you may notice the tip of a cane has turned black, cut below that by about 4-6 inches. Clean pruner blades between cuts with rubbing alcohol, to prevent the spread of the disease. Also, check for branching that cross each other, or restrict airflow and circulation around the canes, remove any branches that are suspect of causing problems….once again clean the pruners.

3.    Treat: Give your roses a dose of: Bonide Rose Rx 3-in-1, this product will help stop the spread of the disease and treat the plant for many other pests and problems that may pop up!

4.    Feed: Give your Roses a fertilizer to get it back up and feeling healthy again. A healthy, well feed, plant can fight off pests and diseases better than a weak underfed one…strong and healthy is its best defense!

Just give your flowering friends a little attention: a little clean-up, a pruning, a little medicine, and some food, and you will see the rewards in flowers!

If you love will love the series of Knock-Out Roses! Knock-Out Roses are, mildew and disease resistant and bugs shy away from them, Knock-Outs are self-deadheading, and flourish with little will, love, love, love them!  The image above features a double blossom Knock-Out Rose.

Let Let us know how things are growing,



Posted 2018-04-10T12:52:44+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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